Basic Docker image for FusionDirectory web server
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FusionDirectory Docker

Basic Docker image for FusionDirectory web server


You can use the docker-compose.yml example file.


On the first run of FusionDirectory, you have to configure the application, go to the server, like http://localhost:8080.

For the authentication, run this command with the INSTALLATION_TOKEN given at the bottom of the first page:

docker exec fusiondirectory bash -c 'echo -n INSTALLATION_TOKEN /var/cache/fusiondirectory/fusiondirectory.auth'

Language setup & Installation check

Select a language and confirm that all the installation check is Ok.

LDAP setup

On the LDAP connection setup, you have to fill:

  • Connection URI with the LDAP URI, example: ldap://openldap:389
  • Base with the LDPA base DN, example: dc=example,dc=org
  • Admin DN with the DN of the LDAP admin, example: cn=admin
  • Admin password: with the password of the LDAP admin , example: example Refresh the status and if it's succeeded go to the next page.

FusionDirectory configuration

You can customize FusionDirectory here, you don't have to, the default values are good.

LDAP inspection

Run every LDAP migration and create the FusionDirectory's admin user.

You can go to the next page when every check is Ok/green.


You can download the configuration file and place it into the FusionDirectory etc volume as fusiondirectory.conf and run:

docker exec -it fusiondirectory fusiondirectory-setup --check-config

Now you can press next, you will be redirected to the login page. You can use the FusionDirectory's admin user credentials created earlier to login.

Environment variables

Variable Value
FD_PLUGINS Space separated list of plugins name